• 100% cotton outer exteriour with a sturdy canvas lining. Sewn with ployester thread and serged seams. These bags are sturdy, yet similar to size as your regular plastic shopping bags. Holds more than plastic because ripping is not as big of a concern. Weight capacity is not known.


    This is not a licensed St. Louis Cardinals product. It is however, hand-crafted from licensed St. Louis Cardinals fabric. SERJ Handiworks is not affiliated with or sponsored by St. Louis Cardinals

    Reusable Gusseted Market Bag Made With St. Louis Cardinals Fabric

    • Care Instructions

      Wash cold water, delicate with like colors.

      Tumble dry low.

      Do not iron.

    • Measurements

      • Height (Top of side seam to Gusset): 19" 
      • Width (Width between side seams): 20"
      • Handle Circumference: 20"

      NOTE: All measurements are approximations. Product may vary by a small amount.

    • Fabric Pattern description


    • Measurement Disclaimer

      Because all bags are sewn by humans, small inconsistencies are present in terms of the measurements of our bags. The measurements listed above are an average. We do our best to stay consistent, but please excuse any discrepancsies.