• 18"x18" pillow. Each cover is machine emrbroidered with designs created by our in-house designers. Both the cover and form are machine washable (see instructions). Cover purchaseable with or without form. Purchase multiple covers and just one form for easy storage!

    Random Number Pillow

    • Care Instructions:

      Cover: Machine wash cold with like items. Dry with medium heat or air dry.

      Pillow: Follow instructions on tag.

    • Cover Description

      Made from our random number generator

    • Custom Pillow Information:

      Show off pride for your little league champ or highschool football star with these awesome pillows.

      Design them with your favorite players number (limit 3 numbers; e.g. 316) and their team colors. Only standard colors are availiable, e.g. light blue, orange, red, pink, etc. Numbers are embroidered as shown above.

      Custom pillows will take 1-2 weeks to ship. We appreciate your patience.

      To ordered custom:

      • In the number field tell us the number and two colors for the embroidery, specifying between the fill and border (e.g. number 316, purple fill with green border).
      • In the color field, tell us the color(s) for the pillow itself, specifying between the front and back panels.

      Please note: the front panel can only be a solid color, whereas the back panel can be either a solid color, be it matching or contrast to the front, or a pattern like pictured above. Currently the patterns are limited to footballs, basketballs, soccerballs, hockey pucks, tennis balls and baseballs. However, if another pattern is desired (e.g. softballs), please contact us and we'll try to fulfill your needs. DO NOT put an order in before contacting us about the special patterned fabric. We cannot guarentee getting access to what you're looking for.