These Cloth Face Coverings are made according to CDC guidelines. Two layers of cotton fabric are pleated on both sides to help create a snug fit around face. A hand wound 20 gauge aluminum wire is placed at the top. This will help provide a better fit and help prevent fogging up glasses. Cloth Face Coverings should be worn according to CDC guidlines. These Cloth Face Coverings are cotton only; there is not any form of filtration provided or available. For more information on the CDC guidelines for Cloth Face Covering s, who can wear them, and how to wash them, click here.


This is not a licensed Nickelodeon product.
It is however, hand-crafted from licensed Nickelodeon fabric.
SERJ Handiworks is not affiliated with or sponsored by Nickelodeon.

Cloth Face Covering made from Spongebob and Patrick fabric

  • Fabric Description

    I'm a Goofy Goober, yeah!

  • Ear Loop Measurements

    Kid and Adult: 7" elastic is sewn to their respective corners inside the seam and them top-stitched down.

    Adult X-Large: 8" elastic is sewn to their respective corners inside the seam and them top-stitched down.

  • Fabric Tie Measurements

    18"x1.5" cotton fabric strips are ironed into bias tapes measuring apx. 17"x0.25" then top-stitched closed. Each tie is then sewn into their respective corners into the seam and then top-stitched for extra strength.

  • Shipping Times

    Ships within 1-4 business days, Monday-Friday. Orders are not shipped on days we're at an event, including Farmer's Market. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • Size Measurements

    Kid: 7" Wide, 4.5" Tall

    Adult: 8.5" Wide, 5.5" Tall

    Adult X-Large: 9.5" Wide, 7.5" Tall

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