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Toddler Jumpers

Our jumpers are lovingly, individually hand sewn to create the perfect dress for the special toddler in your life. Made to be worn over a shirt, the jumper should come down to mid shin or just above the ankle. Snaps on top front bodice are decorative but functional if needed.

We use 100% cotton for softness and comfort, and all fabrics are pre-washed so you never have to worry about shrinkage. 

Limited Inventory on patterns ensures uniqueness. All jumpers include a special embroidery at the bottom for that special touch.

Undershirts NOT included with Jumper!


Our jumpers are sized based on age in years.

For instance, a size 1 will fit an average 1 year old.

A size 6 should be purchased for 5 and 6 year olds.

Considerations should be made for petite and larger than average children.

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