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The Adventures of Bobby the Blobfish

Welcome to my very special page! I am Bobby the Blobfish, official mascot of SERJ Haniworks. I'm so excited that you are visiting my page. I am traveling to different parts of the United States to tell everyone about SERJ Haniworks. You will see pictures on Instagram and Facebook giving you the opportunity to try and figure out where I'm at. You can then visit me here on my own page to see if you guessed right! I hope you have fun traveling the country with me! Remember, you can always meet me in person by visiting the "Where to visit us" page and coming to see us at one of our events, I may even have a special treat for you when we meet. Looking forward to our adventures,

Bobby Blobfish.

Going to Florida

Were you able to guess from my pictures? My very first airplane ride took me to beautiful Florida, the Sunshine State