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SERJ Handiworks is a home business started by Rachel in April 2018. Supported by her family, Rachel spent 4 years sewing for a local theater group. Graced with a gift for sewing from God, Rachel has decided to take her sewing skills to the next level by starting this business. Alongside her mother, Elizabeth, Rachel will be sewing bags, jumpers, pillow covers

and much more to come.


Our products are lovingly created right here in the United States of America. Each item has handpicked fabric; is pre-shrunk so it stays the same size after washing; and then carefully cut out and put together.


The Stitch:

We use what's called a 4-thread overlock stitch (also known as a serge) on all of our seams. Why is this better? The first thing is there are two rows of stitches instead of one; so right off the bat you have double the security over a regular stitch. Also, there are loops of thread that meet at the edge of the fabric that protect it from fraying; and if your fabric doesn't fray, it won't fall apart. Most holes in fabric items are usually caused by the fabric just slowly fraying till there is nothing left. This stitch helps prevent that.


4-Thread Overlock Stitch

The Fabric:

With trail and error over the past couple years, we've learned what types of fabric that are best to use, and what to stay away from. With that, we aim to use 100% cotton weave's for most of our products. Why? Pure cotton is just better. It's a sturdier fabric, and handle heat better versus a cotton blend that is partially or mostly a secondary material such as polyester. It holds it's color better (so far), it embroiders better, and is generally thicker. That being said, not ALL the fabric's we use are pure cotton. Some of the printed material we get will be a blend, but they are usually mostly cotton, and because they are printed they are thicker anyway.


Example Cotton Fabrics

Always Room to Improve:

We're always working on improving. We live by the rule "You can never know everything." That's why we're always happy to receive feedback, and constantly scour both the internet and our library for ways to improve our business and, most importantly, our products.

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